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Since 5 years, cheshe has been a “all gender inclusive second hand brand” that draws inspiration from the punk rebellion to battle for human rights against an abusive society that will never die and the history of the 18th century to recreate a modern and wearable garment.

Our reworked sustainable fashion label began life as “Cheshe recycled” with the goal of reworking unsalable or damage stock into new and exciting garments. Manipulating remnant deadstock and post consumer textile, we created a contemporary limited edition line.

By Reusing, repairing and rewearing we contribute less to the 20 kl of greenhouse gas emissions per kl of new clothing produced as the production and transportation of clothing is responsible for 10% of global emissions, for this we are pleased to.

Welcome you into our “New Anarchy” world where everything is permitted and we have no limitation in expression ourselves as we best think.



We started thrifting clothes from local charity shops. When we grew in size, we chose Syed Vintage, a vintage wholesale company based in the heart of England, with warehouses in London, Germany, Japan, and Thailand. Back at CHESHE, we Recycle Everything, just like the Charity Shop and the Warehouse, and what doesn’t meet our standards is donated back to the Charity Shop or cut into textile pieces to reuse for our Reworked Section or Collections.

Considering the facts, Fashion has become the second largest contributor to global pollution, leading to its classification as a disposable industry, with an estimated 85% of unrecycled clothing ending up in landfill or being incinerated. Considering that most modern textiles contain Polymer fibres, a non-biodegradable plastic, synthetic clothing should be recycled, reused, and washed as little as possible to prevent it from entering our soils and oceans. It is estimated that 95% of discarded clothing textile is wearable, and our goal is to bring what is considered waste back to the market.

This can significantly reduce the need for new products and allow us to focus more on our efforts to improve the world.

Recycle for a better world

Our sustainable mission will never end and as we all move toward a greener future, Cheshe will continue to explore and develop new ideas to improve our promise to recycle for a better world.

Authenticity is key

When you shop with Cheshe, you can be sure that all of our Vintage assortment is authentic and reimagined as a high fashion piece of clothing to offer you the power that you need to reveal who you truly are.

Quality assured

To ensure that you are purchasing a Brand-new clothing, all of our Vintage items are washed, ironed and, if necessary, repaired as well.